When Mario first appeared, he was busy with to save his princess. Than we saw him in very different adventures with different friends. Thus mario has never been forgotten. The excitement in the first years is freshened when his games are played.  Now he has a lot of adventıres. Super Mario Racing 2 He is waiting for mario lovers who will consort in these adventures. You may recognize him recently or have already know him for a long time. In both way, we are sure than these games are just for you.

We create a seperate categori for these adventures. In this category, you can find games which are funny than each others. Mario is now fighting ghosts. He is following stars and money. You can see that, he starts to fly, rides a bike. It’s difficult to reach his speed. But we are sure than you can success it. Mario Games is chasing criminals in the world of crime. He is wandering on deserts. He becomes a fighter, becomes a minor, becomes a pizzeria. You will be surprised because of these different characters of Mario. You will laugh and havve so much fun. Girls will have more fun with dress up mario games.  You can race with different cars of Mario. Are you ready to win this excited race. Of course it is a different pleasure playing classic mario. So you can find classic mario game too. You can also see next generation of it Mario 1, Mario 2, Mario 3.

You need only decide which you want to play. Your game will open immediatly. Your room will be filled with fun. You will find Mario and some new friends just like him. Nitro, julio and jenya are only some of them. You will love the new characters too and will have so funny time.  You will adventure from one to the other. Help Mario and save the princess Parking Games.


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