Children always want something. And this is never ending. Children from infancythrough adolescence, the process is the process of development. And what we provide to them during this period, and explain how their time is very important.Direction that gives life, personality development that will affect everything.

     Raising our children games an important role in mental development.Toys they want, maybe the toys at home, very close to the toys, but now it may beagainst the wishes of children families have become unable to follow what they say, and each work. Instead of buying them new toys constantly new, modern technologyis now time to teach you how to use the internet that can teach them to use. The Internet is now appealing to all ages games are available.
     For example, Truck games during the pre-school and school for girls is ideal for children to spend time in games. Allowed at certain times of the day they were playing these games when the kids not wanting to toy and tightened each charactersees on TV 

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