Beauty is very important for a young girl. Look beautiful feels people good. We tolerate a lot of effort and cost to look beautiful. We see some famous people as a role model for us. We see these famous people always in different and beautiful clothes. This famous person can be a film star or a cartton character too. 
Ofcourse when we say beauty and cartoon character, the first name we remember is Barbie. Have you ever think? What does she owe her this beauty? Infact the answer of question is quite simple. Barbie owes her this beauty, to her being well-kept and shoping addict. To look beautiful, she always makes masks, don’t  omission her beauty cares and follow the fashion closely Barbie Shopping .

Infact shopping is tiring and difficult, although it is enjoying.  Going into all shops one by one, trying those clthes, combine them with each other and paying at cash may get a long time. So there are some cafes and restaurants in shopping centers. When you are so tired, you can have a rest. But be careful about not forgetting our main purpose.

In shopping games on our site, you will be the biggest supporter or in another words assistant of her. She trusts you liking so much and want you to help her. But she likes a little hardly. She can be a little nervous while shopping. So you must be careful. When she likes clothes you chosen, she ecomes happy and smiles. Your task is make her happy birthday Barbie.  

Firstly you must go to the shop which you will buy clothes barbie needs. You must try all clothes one by one and decide which one is most suitable one. You can choose clothes with mouse. Bring them to cash by dragging and pay. Here is your first shopping bags. You have a lot of thing to do today. Day is starting newly. What will be done? Let’s have a look. We need to go shoes shops after clothes. Shoes are the symbol of stylish. Every woman keens on her beauty has a lot of shoes. And some womans have a special room in their house for only shoes, bags and clothes. This room is just like a heaven for them. After shoes and bag shopping, it’s accessories’ turn. You must choose suitable accessories suit your clothes with their colours and styles. Buckles, hair bands, knecklaces, earings and a lot of accessories are waiting for you here.

You will have so much fun while playing shopping games on our site. Girls already love shopping in daily life. But unfortunately they can’t have a chance to do it always. These games will make you feel shopping pleasure totaly. Barbie 50 s Summer Girls Let’s go shopping.  Have Fun

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