Gomez's story is about a small 8bit Fez. Geezer wakes up one morning from someone named Gomez, a mysterious letter saying the town is waiting for him at the top. Gomez, Geezer Until we meet with anything like a standard platform game progresses, the fez Geezer'ın (yes, you know, fez) to change the root causes of the game at a time.

(By the way, the game will be a little surprise you get started, do not worry.) So far 8bit (fully two-dimensional form) looks like Fez, over and over to one side of four are getting into the third dimension. All the basic gameplay system and logic puzzles, this game is on the board. As you can see the screen 90 degrees, turn the base side and a depth of four different, i.e. need to look at the screen perceived as a filled column. Site design to meet the most wonderful girl games. For example, to say the least, is far from a platform to do? Turn the screen, probably because of the difference in size nearer.

Of course the plane are in the game progresses becomes more complicated and will be wrapped in a conundrum. But it's a tree mind, not the game difficult puzzles, each one with a relatively easy solution, you will admire the visual aesthetics of the departments stores and come in a kind of surprises.

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