Day does not relayed to a new patch for that dear readers Skrim. Recently on behalf of the 1.2 patch to fix some errors Skyrim, correcting some of the things in the game also broke some things. For example, such as dragons, then decided to fly inverted. (Get wrong purpose at work), but according to published Bethesda blog page, the last patch as a solution to the problems caused by other problems, and more than a new patch . 
Written on the blog, said: "In our estimation, the new patch to the PC first, then published for Ps3 and Xbox 360 platforms. Than other known errors in the game, this new update, but only rarely detected in the reverse imbalances and flying dragons, magic solution to the problem will be. What bugs you that we've released the update that fixed ', and an exhaustive list of what you publish. Skyride to remove this kind of thinking is often Online Games updates. Updates with first PC, and can expect more content to Steam. Updates may come to the consoles must approve any updates to it before a console manufacturer. "

"We know that the Skyride is a great game and this game, each player having different experiences. Skyride already excellent players in this game for you, much as we can with the new updates from time to time yayımlayacağımız will try to make it even better. Millions of people rely on us every minute of playing and Skyride. These upgrades are aware of that and acting on this awareness will work in more detail. Issued a patch for small problems, could lead to problems much larger, as shown. A hotfix update, taken great risks if we are so quick to develop. "

Also in early January for the inventory of PC gamers, weapons will be made available as downloadable content creation feature.


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