You are constantly firing tanks you come across a small area Tank Trouble. You can use the tank in an agile manner as possible and that the tanks opened fire you have to discard. In the same way you took aim and shoot enemy tanks will. The explosion of the first part of the game allows the tank tanks made ​​three accurate shots. A vehicle type to throw heavy weapons in wars and sheltered from the tank to come out kapsolduğu trying to kill enemy tanks. Your task is to control the tank. You have to do all of the transactions that we call him unharmed. Otherwise, you will fail in the game. The winner is the first to reach the target number of war tank passes through an upper portion. Game to plays only person tank battle game, such as binary, two people can play at the same time. Binary option is the fight with the enemy tank trouble 2. Control option provides a single tank with the arrow keys and the space key can shoot. During the war, instead of tank top with colorful capsules can be launched instead. Capsules threw him to hit the enemy tank more thoroughly to approach the target range is not required. With colorful tanks tank game in control with the option for 2 people at the same time fighting against the computer can fight with your motorbike games.


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