Angry Birds Space last day, that adds kick up the dust with the angry birds, totally ready for a surprise!The recent star of the world's largest mobile game, no doubt Rovio Angry Birds game company. Angry Birds Space recently dust in  that adds one more with the angry birds, now in a very different platform, preparing to come up in a very different way. Rovio from, according to the Angry Birds very soon, will leave us as a weekly comic-animation sequence. Departments, which will last between 2.5 to 3 minutes, the traditional TV channels will not be published. Instead, the line array of exciting, through video applications, smart mobile watch over our devices and the Internet. Rovio is one of the company's plans, for parts of Angry Birds, to develop their own video application. The company, departments and through this application, as well as application developers, a partnership established through the front of the audience thinks extract.Space has been launched at the end of the last version of Angry Birds! Here you need to know about the game. Out of smart phone users, especially since it plays in many people’s loving Angry Birds series, finally among us again with a new version of the Space.  Each new version adds novelty to the game producer, Rovio, this time we managed to surprise the users. Basically, the game has changed, still in our control birds, throwing to destroy targets. But with the help of NASA space is no longer birds. Angry Birds Space, also brought together in the gravity field. Completely game set in space, in the gravity field, the transition region where gravity is a very high quality herb and strategies designed to shape and the user is presented.In addition, instead of flat surfaces in the past, is now more rounded areas of small meteorites that they are trying to hunt pigs on the designed. In addition to new and different birds are released to users at a total of 60 new chapter in the game, already clad in their dress, their space kuşlarımızın stands out as a nice detail.

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