Euro Truck Simulator 2 In fact we all love simulator games. This game meets the expectation outstandingly. Game is a very higher visual quality than other games in it’s category. Graphic and shadowing details are quite good. Truck and vehicle modellings are made very beautifully. One of the most loved point of this game is, there are various kind of trailers which are attached to trucks. If it is needed to tell about playing style of the game beside visual effects, at the beginning we are starting the game by establishing a company. But firstly we must work in other companies as a worker to improve ourself and collect money because we need so much money to buy Truck Parking Games for our own company. We will level up when we complete tasks. So we can improve our poperties as flammable cargo, delicate cargo or long distance and then can get new offers. Ofcourse with all of  them our distance is getting longer. In game it is needed to show driving skills. Example we can’t go on in a single lane fastly. And cars may come under your truck by making improperly passings. You may get some penalties at crash, red lights or speed limited roads. I advise you be careful about overtaking line otherwise you may crassh or penalty about reverse direction. After you bought the truck if you want you can find  driver. Or you can work yourself. A lot of speciality of our trucks can be changed. If you want you can write your name to it’s glass, add headlamps or use stickers to ensure it looks better. I’m sure than you will love the game.       

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